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Magic lessons for school age children

Magician Rodney Rash has partnered with the Williamson County Art Center to present magic lessons for school-aged children. If you've experienced the amazement of a magic show, then I'm sure you've wondered how the tricks work. In this four-week introduction class to magic students will learn the basics of how to present amazing magic tricks. Every student attending will have a great time learning magic and walk away with confidence knowing that they can present and perform some amazing magic for their friends and family.

Teaches a fun skill

Magic will build fine motor skills and teach students a fun outlet for creativity that often leads to a lifelong hobby.

Builds confidence

Magic is a fantastic way for children to build confidence. The skills learned in presenting magic will help students throughout life with the ability to present and entertain others.

It's fun to learn

Magic is fun to perform. Most students want to practice and enjoy the feedback from their friends and family as they present their new skills.

It's an inexpensive hobby

Most students who learn magic specialize in close-up performances. Since most households have cards and coins, you already have everything you need for a good, fun performance.

How The Magic Classes Work

Unfortunately we are not offering Magic classes at this time. Please let us know if you would be interested in future classes.

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