Birthday Party Magician

The Birthday Child is the star of this magic show?

¬†During this fantastic birthday party magic show, your child will be the star of the show. Having a magician at your next birthday party will make the party a truly magical day. Also If you are looking for a fun and exciting show for your child’s next birthday party, then you have found it! My magic show has everything you are looking for! Imagine the look on your child’s face as they produce a live dove and then turn it into a rabbit, float in mid-air and, so much more.Kids at magic show Can you hear the laughter as everyone gets involved in the show helping with tricks, laughing, clapping, and shouting the magic words? This show really gets the children involved… and best of all we center the show around the birthday child by making them the star to emphasizing their special day

Your Child is the star of The Show!

Comedy Magic staring your childIt’s your child’s party and that is the theme of my show, your child will assist the magician with the tricks involving the doves and/or rabbit. We will recognize their special day at the end of the show with or funny reward ceremony as we present them a magic certificate making them an official magician and a magic gift.

Amazing Magic

In this show, you will find amazing magic performed live in your home. The show is always adjusted to match the age and interest of the audience. Everyone has watched a magician on television but it is an amazing thing to see it In-person at your party.

Live Animals and Comedy

Frendly Rabbit Everyone loves to see a dove or rabbit magically appear. It’s amazing and it’s what everyone seems to remember.

Comedy… Everyone loves a laugh. My show combines astonishing magic with fun comedy for the entire family.

A Magic Gift

presentOr Deluxe show outdoor show comes with a magic gift for the Birthday Child and everyone will go home with a fun magic Bill teaching you how to perform 4 magic tricks.

Two Shows To Choose From

Deluxe Show

My Deluxe birthday show is a 45 to 50-minute magic show perfect for ages 4 through 12. Like all of the magic show, it is an engaging activity that will entertain everyone at your party. This show features the appearance of Walter the dove as the birthday child helps me make him appear and later we turn the dove into a rabbit. The children and the adults will enjoy the show. At the end of the show, the birthday child will receive a magic gift and a magic certificate making them an official magician.

  • A 45 to 50-minute comedy magic show filled with tons of surprises!
  • Amazing Magic Comedy with Audience participation.
  • The birthday child makes a live dove appear in the show and then turns the dove into a rabbit!
  • The Birthday child receives A special magic magician certificate and magic gift.

Basic Show

The basic show runs 30 minutes and is perfect for younger audiences or if you short on time. Like all my shows the magic and presentation is adjusted to meet the age of the audience. This fast past show is an amazing activity for the kids at your party that will keep everyone involved laughing and involved.

  • A 30 to 35-minute comedy magic show filled with surprises.
  • Amazing magic with audience participation and comedy!
  • The Birthday child receives a magician certificate for their help in the show

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